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Mimesis is a critical and philosophical term that carries a wide range of meanings , which include imitation, representation, mimicry, imitatio, receptivity. Mimesis, basic theoretical principle in the creation of art. The word is Greek and means “imitation” (though in the sense of “re-presentation” rather than of. Mimesis definition, imitation or reproduction of the supposed words of another, as in order to represent his or her character. See more.

4 Jan Mimesis definition is - imitation, mimicry. Did You Know?. Definition of mimesis - imitative representation of the real world in art and literature. The term mimesis is derived from the Greek mimesis, meaning to imitate [1]. The OED defines mimesis as "a figure of speech, whereby the words or actions of.

Greek for “imitation.” In aesthetic theory, mimesis can also connote “ representation,” and has typically meant the reproduction of an external reality, such as. 23 Jun Definition. Mimesis is primarily associated with Plato (Ion, The Republic) and Aristotle (Poetics) who contrasted this method of direct. Etymology[edit]. From Ancient Greek μῑ́μησις (mī́mēsis), from μιμεῖσθαι ( mimeîsthai, “to imitate”), from μῖμος (mîmos, “a mime”). The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle (– BCE), regarded mimesis, or imitation, to be one of the distinctive aspects of human nature, and a lway to. Mimesis is the imitation of life in art and literature. You know your painting exhibits mimesis when the viewers try to pick the flowers from the canvas.

Mimesis. Definition: Greek lovers, we've got the term for you. Mimesis is a Greek word that means to imitate. What does this have to do with literature, you ask?. According to mimesis, art (or literature) imitates reality, nature, or life—an idea so ancient and widespread that, like "art's purpose is to entertain and inform,". Mimesis is a Greek term that means imitation. The first step in understanding Aristotle's account of mimesis is remembering that he spent many years studying at. Synonyms for mimesis at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for mimesis.


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