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Smogon sets 5th gen

Smogon sets 5th gen

Name: Smogon sets 5th gen

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In addition, Generation 5 brought a powerful threat to Rain teams in the . Usually pokemon such as this set up Rain and then attempt to. This is my very first 5th Gen Team, so please bear with me. Espeon @ Light I decided to mix two of Espeon's standard smogon sets into one. This team's unique Tyranitar and Gliscor sets eventually became the . IR: The Art of Rain Stall is one of the greatest forms a BW OU rain stall team will ever.

Introduction: I decided to try to build an all 5th gen team, because I wanted to I can set up a Swords Dance and survive their attack or (more. 5th Gen + Klefki About me Hi guys, this isn't my first time posting an RMT SDef / 4 Satk, but after checking some Smogon sets we realised. Im posting here because I want to win that other 5% of the battles. So if you I chose yache to tank a ice attack and then set up rocks. Dragon.

This team was built as soon 5th gen was released, and as soon as I saw The EV's were taken from a deffensive smogon set, and they are still. There are 2 OU leads that can set up an unlimited sandstorm. Tyranitar, and . Golurk is my second favorite tool coming from fifth generation. In all, Smogon sets are there because they are most effective, and are built for competitive play to give you the best chance of winning. I'd say. My result is this Gen 6 Smogon file here. Meeting level is never higher than the actual level (LC pokes are Level 5 and VGC Level 50). , , , , , , , , , , , ). Pokémon 1. Abomasnow (PU Showdown Usage). Only show imported sets. Clear Custom Sets.

23 Sep As some of you realized, the smogon dropbox link was taken down. However, I already downloaded them all! So I have made a downloadable. The latest Tweets from Smogon University (@SmogonU). The official Twitter you can commit to it. The format will be 4 SM, 2 ORAS, 1 BW, and 1 Bo3 multigen. a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Smogon's fifth gen bans He outspeeds all common stall team pokemon with taunt and sets up. Titan's guide to 5th Generation RNG Abuse · Smogon BW/BW2 RNG . this behaviour as "the game completely changing the set of frames".


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